Touch Ident

TouchDesigner generative real-time audio reactive ident visual for Inition. Looking to advance my TouchDesigner skills I embarked on creating a new real-time ident generator for the latest Inition branding, a very minimal looking network of lines and polygons.

Using a particle system, a Python script finds each points nearest neighbours in 3D space. These are then linked together based on proximity with lines and diamonds. Different geometric shapes emit the particles to give a feeling of structure.

There’s an audio analysis section which listens to a music file or mic and picks out different frequencies, linking them to various transitions and translations to make the whole thing react to sound.

The whole thing has some post-processing, depth of field and motion blur.

Created the music track using Incredibox 

Definitely my most complex TouchDesigner project to date, loving the real-time aspect of working this way.