Mr Porter – bullet time, green screen, photo booth

So my contribution to this project asides from coming up with the creative/technical idea and helping win it, was to code the image processing part. But I get ahead of myself…

We were approached by Westfield about a 3D scanning project for Mr Porter clothing range. After the first meeting we persuaded them it would be better at a bullet time booth as this was far more practical and provided a more shareable takeaway.

The interesting challenge with this project was to create an animated image of the participant in a scene from the movie while wearing different clothes. To do this we pulled off a 3 layer composite enabling the participant to be superimposed into a 3D scene from the Kingsman movie and have a suit from the Mr Porter clothing range composited over their body.

After lots of technical planning we built the first camera rig, using 16 Canon DSLR cameras (the cheapest ones) with stock lenses, lots of cables, USB repeaters, custom remote trigger cables, power supplies, a PC to trigger and collect the images, Breeze software to control the cameras, etc.

I wrote a custom PowerShell program to process all the images, cropping, aligning, green screen removal, colour grade, compositing the background scene and foreground clothes layers, compressing to an animated .gif read for emailing, backing up the images online, and tidying up ready for the next user. I used Imagemagick to do most of the processing, amazing program.

There was also a bit of clever alignment using a retro-reflective ball on a stick to compensate for fact we couldn’t align the cameras accurately enough physically

Others wrote the UI, modelled and rendered the 3D backgrounds, photographed the model, installed on site etc, so a real team effort.

Special thanks to Lee Spooner for the making off video which shoes how we achieved the effect.