Huge Pink Champers Ring

I’ve had this large rose-quarts stone for over a year now and it’s been tantalising me every time I look at it. It seemed to be so curved that I couldn’t quite be sure I would be able to get a setting to grip it, what with it being so large.

Finally decided I to give it a go and really pleased with the results. Decided on as minimalist a setting as possible, just a grooved square section corner claw setting on a wide D section ring. Had to spend ages filing groves into the sides of the claws and bending them to match the curved profile of the stone. Soldered tiny little end caps to clip over the stone. Nerve wracking soldering trying not to get too much heat on later joints and have the whole thing disintegrate. After a few test fittings, the stone snapped into place beautifully.

Jules got this one as a valentine’s day prezzie while we were skiing in Austria.