Yew Log Chopper

Project to make an end grain chopping board from lots of small yew logs I have been saving from a tree in the garden for the past few years. after watching lots of ‘how to’ videos I was inspired to try and make my own.

As suspected, cutting all the little logs square took hours but was well worth the effort. As usual, solving all the little design and making challenges along the way was half the fun. Couldn’t get the surfaced perfectly flat without a thicknesser but they are flat enough.

Interesting trying to get into talking to the camera without coming across self-conscious took a few takes but got easier as I went along. working out different camera angles, trying to make while telling a story and keeping the shot in frame and focus makes it more interesting. learnt a lot from making this first one, sure the next will be much slicker.

Very happy with the results, as hoped all the two-tone heart/sapwood rings look great. Going to keep this one as it took so long to make.