First and 14th Gold Opal Ring

This was my first use of Gold for a ring for Julie’s 14th wedding anniversary gift. Bit more nerve-wracking than working with silver but it turned out nice in the end, the opal seems to go well with the gold ring and really catches the light in a rainbow of colours.

I managed to lose the first opal somewhere in the garden while making the setting, perhaps the Layla cat knocked it off the table as she was trying to help! Then almost managed to lose the second (better) opal by accidentally dropping it in the recycling bin while tidying up without realising. An hour of sorting through rubbish and luckily I found it. After this I was paranoid and it never left a safe box.

Jules seemed to like the ring particularly because it was a bit more delicate than my usual chunky designs. Almost made up for me having to go to Dubai for work over our wedding anniversary day.