Digital Sanctuary

Creation of an interactive WebGL background for the Digital Sanctuary of the Helsinki Fashion Week website. We were approached to help create part of this new fashion initiative and through the course of various discussions settled on using three.js and Javascript to code the 3D interactive page.

The main element the orb or stimulator used vertex animation to deform the sphere in response to the ambient audio. The code maps several noise and wave functions onto the surface, interpolating between them. A refractive shader gives it a glass-like appearance and its movement around the space is inspired by the movement of bees dancing to communicate. This was a great excuse to brush up on my Javascript coding although a last-minute port to TypeScript was a pain. You can view a live version here.

This Project was a collaboration between Solarflare Labs, Evelyn Mora, DaeWha Kang Design, Mono Company, LUKSO and many others.