Garden Table – Oak Sleepers

My attempt at making a new, longer lasting, garden table. After extensive research looking at various pub gardens and cafe out doors furniture, I narrowed down the design and mocked up a version in 3D to get the proportions right. Ordered the 8 oak sleepers from a local company without quite appreciating how big and heavy they were.

Using a hand held circular saw they were roughly cut to size and some split lengthwise for the benches. An electric plain helped make a nice flat surface and bring out the knots and grain of the wood for the first time.

All the joints were hand chiseled pegged, haunched mortice and tenons, this was probably the most fun bit. The oak cut beautifully and there’s a satisfying ‘twang’ note when I hammered in the oak pegs to draw together the joints. Lastly the table was assembled in place as it was too heavy to lift.