Crystallised Ring

Latest project combining 3D printing with Jewelry to create a ring the mirrors the crystal structure of the quartz rosette stone. designed in 3D CAD and printed in wax before being lost wax cast in silver then having the stone prong set.

The initial ring shape was modeled in 3DSMax using low poly editing and mesh smooth to create a high polygon ring. This was then processed in MeshLab to decimate/optimise the geometry and produce a randomised faceted shape. This is then processed in TopMod which creates struts along the edges of the triangles. With a bit of tidying up, adding prongs and leveling the top ready for the stone.

The ring was printed and cast by Shapeways and looks just as it arrived with a slightly textured shiny surface which I quite liked.

Proving a very popular design, getting lots of comments. Might have to try and create a few more.

This ring design is now available to purchase via my Etsy shop here


Photo_0155241_Canon_G16 Photo_0155210_Canon_G16 625x465_3916808_12441861_1444734085 3dsmax ring edited 03 3dsmax ring