River chopping board

First chopping board project, inspired by a similar picture online. Uses ash and walnut wood, had to use a bit of maths to calculate the right thicknesses so that they looked right and shrank with the same perspective as the central river.

First cut the thicknesses, had to use a band-saw as I didn’t yet have a circular table saw. Then swapped over the alternate colours, nice thing about this is you get two boards out of the alternate slices. Glued up the slices on the kitchen work surface as it was the middle of winter and too blooming cold to work outside for long. Jules is very understanding as glue went everywhere. Then band-sawed the bendy river out of the middle, nerve wracking moment cutting into the boards trying to get the curves to flow. Swapped over the middle rivers and glued up again with three strips of similar colour thing veneer along the edge of the river to offset the pattern, fiddly as the cramping pressure made them slip around, but worked beautifully.

Lots of plaining and sanding to smooth the surfaces, chamfer the edges, oil and they were ready to go. David Gissinger got the twin sister board for his birthday.