Bling cufflinks

Perhaps a little bling for my first project for me? I must have been feeling a little flamboyant when I dreamt these up. Probably one of the longest labor project to date, somewhere around the 8 hour mark I reckon. Making up all the silver parts took ages, cutting to size, bending the sides, soldering to the base, filing down, sanding, sanding, sanding, went on for ever. Then had to do everything twice! The solid bar in the centre of the chain worked really well, it sits nicely in the button hole. The stones are a nice snug fit. The pair are very tactile to hold and just feel right. One of my more successful projects to date, looking forward to their first outing.

Photo_0135689_Canon_G16 Photo_0135697_Canon_G16 Photo_0135694_Canon_G16 Photo_0135705_Canon_G16