Katie’s initial pendant


First experiment with metal clay. For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, its pure silver that looks like clay, molds like clay, then hardens. When heated with a flame it melts into a solid chunk of silver, like magic! Shaping the letters was pretty easy, but I felt the pressure not to waste any and to get it finished before it started hardening. Once left overnight the hard clay was cleaned up a bit more then heated to glowing pink for 3 minutes. More clean-up, filing and emerying before soldering on the jump rings. Used a bur to make little dimples in the C and fitted the smallest Herkimer diamond (a double pointed quartz crystal) I had into the opening before using a vice to pinch the ends closed around the stone. Just managed to finish the whole project in 24 hours, in time to send it to niece Katie Cupit for her 13th birthday.